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Armstrong is dedicated to creating beautiful interior and improving lives with quality flooring products. As a maker and seller of residential and commercial flooring products, Armstrong takes pride in it’s engineered hardwood flooring products and we at Diverse Flooring are delighted to carry them in our store in Maple Ridge.

For more information on Armstrong and their flooring products, click here.

Beaulieu Canada

Beaulieu Canada is amongst the largest manufacturers and distributors of flooring in Canada. They’ve been a provider of engineered hardwood in unique designs, patterns and colours to the North American and international residential and commercial markets for years. They have tremendous experience and invest a lot in their products.
Learn more about Beaulieu Canada and what they can offer you here.

*Beaulieu products are not currently in-store but can be ordered through Diverse Flooring

Coswick Hardwood

A relatively new company in the flooring industry, Coswick Hardwood has been supplying hardwood flooring products to residential and commercial properties all across Canada. From 2 layer tongue-and-groove engineered flooring to 3 layer single strip engineered hardwood flooring, Coswick Hardwood has you covered.

And so do we at Diverse Flooring! We carry Coswick’s engineered hardwood selection. Read more on it here.
*Coswick products are not currently in-store but can be ordered through Diverse Flooring

DANSK Hardwood Flooring

DANSK Hardwood Flooring’s mission is to deliver you, the customer, with exceptional quality in flooring — and they do. Their engineered hardwood selection is excellent and you’ll be happy to know that we carry DANSK at our Diverse Flooring store in Maple Ridge.

Read more about DANSK here.

Eckowood Hardwood

The flooring experts at Eckowood Flooring deliver quality flooring at a reasonable price. You deserve a good value deal and Eckowood can deliver. Their hand distressed and smooth engineered flooring products put them near the top of the industry.

*Eckowood products are not currently in-store but can be ordered through Diverse Flooring

Kraus Flooring

Established in 1959, Kraus Flooring is one of the largest flooring manufacturers and distributors in North America. Engineered hardwood is just one of the many types of flooring products they offer. At Diverse Flooring, we carry Kraus’ top quality engineered hardwood — and we’re proud of it.

Learn more about Kraus and their Engineered Hardwood here.


Certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), SFI® (Sustainable Forestry Initiative®) and PEFC® (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification®), Preverco is an environmentally-friendly supplier of engineered hardwood floors.

You can find Preverco engineered hardwood flooring products at the Diverse Flooring store in Maple Ridge. Learn more here.

Vintage Hardwood

With over 20 years of experience in the flooring industry, Vintage Hardwood provides quality flooring products to all of North America. Continual development in technologies has led Vintage Hardwood to produce quality engineered hardwood — and we’ve got it all here at Diverse Flooring!

Read about the Vintage Hardwood selection at Diverse Flooring here.

Pravada Floors

Style, comfort and sustainability are extremely important for Pravada Floors in producing quality flooring products. Such is the case for their selection of engineered hardwood. Add in their sustainable practices and Pravada Floors becomes a potentially suitable flooring brand option for you and your family.

What’s even better is that we carry Pravada Floors products at Diverse Flooring and you can learn more here.

*Pravada products are not currently in-store but can be ordered through Diverse Flooring

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