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Quality Flooring Brands In Maple Ridge – Carpet, Laminate, Hardwood and More

Looking for the best flooring brands in the business? Need quality flooring but aren’t sure what the best, most reliable brands are? We at Diverse Flooring carry a wide selection of different flooring brands that span across North American and Europe.

From area rugs to carpet to engineered hardwood to laminate flooring to solid hardwood to tile to vinyl, we’ve got different brands for each. Come to our showroom to experience each one.
Scroll down and read about the different flooring brands we carry.

Area Rugs Brands

We love our area rugs at Diverse Flooring—something about their ability to transform any area they are placed in. For a brooding, more intimate appeal, you can go for a darker area rug. If you’re looking for a more airy and spacious feeling, you can opt for a lighter colour rug. Go for patterns if you’d like to draw attention to a focal point in the room—but if you just want to make a subtle statement, natural is your best best.

We take pride in carpets we supply and the brands we carry. One of our favorites is Stevens Omni—to see their carpets, which are expertly created from weaving mills around the world, visit our showroom. We’d be delighted to show you those and the rest of our stock of area rugs!

Carpet Brands

At Diverse Flooring, we have a range of carpet styles and brands to choose from. We find that carpet is one of the most versatile flooring options because it works for everyone—young children, elderly, even pets!

We have a great selection of carpet brands and varieties, so whether you’re into fashion or function, you will find what you’re looking for because our brands, such as Kraus Flooring and Beaulieu Canada run the full gamut. When you visit our showroom, you will see that the design possibilities and options are endless and we would be thrilled to educate and assist you through every step of your buying process.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Brands

Engineered floors are rising in popularity due to their durability and because unlike hardwood floors, they are moisture-resistant and therefore, less prone to damage. Engineered hardwood is usually most sought-after for the kitchens and bathrooms because it holds up better in areas where humidity levels can vary. They also work very well when installed over in-floor heating systems.

We carry a wide range of brands like Pravada—a stylish and sustainable choice as well as many other such as DANSK Hardwood Flooring and Coswick Hardwood. If you are interested in placing some engineered hardwood in your home, then come check out our vast collection at Diverse Flooring.

Laminate Flooring Brands

Laminate flooring is a very popular flooring option because it’s more affordable and easier to maintain than traditional hardwood flooring—however they offer the same timelessness and aesthetic appeal than their hardwood counterparts.

We have a great selection of brands to choose from in our inventory. If you’re going for a more natural, woodsy look, our Armstrong collection has many popular wood species. Looking for laminate with a luxurious edge? Eckowood may be the right choice for you, with many designer looks in their collection.

To learn more about these and more laminate flooring brands, we welcome you to visit our showroom and pick the laminate brands that fit your personality the best!

Solid Hardwood Flooring Brands

Are you looking for a timeless investment? Are you looking to up the elegance ante of your space? You probably already know that you can accomplish both those things by getting solid hardwood for your floors.

At Diverse Flooring, we carry brands that are passionate about solid hardwood; whose detail and craftsmanship is unmatched and whose hardwood floors will provide you with decades of elegance and comfort. Visit us at our showroom in Maple Ridge, B.C. and speak to one of our flooring experts so we can help you choose the hardwood flooring that’s right for your family and your home.

Tile Brands

Another very durable option, tiles can have a great effect on the quality and character of any space and when installed correctly, they can last a lifetime in your home.

We at Diverse Flooring have a wide selection of colours, textures and patterns by many brands for you to peruse. Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by all choices, our flooring experts have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and are happy to assist you with your home renovation project. Looking for design tips? We can show you how to give your home a more worldly aesthetic with Julian Tile’s pieces or how to mix and match your tile for a stylish, checkered look!

Vinyl Tile Brands

Diverse Flooring offers a stylish selection of vinyl floor tiles in various brands and in a variety of patterns and styles. What’s great about vinyl tile is that it closely resembles natural products like, stone, wood and ceramic tile. Water, stain and dent resistant, it’s also easy to install, clean and maintain, making it a very practical flooring solution!

At the Diverse Flooring showroom in Maple Ridge, you will see some great environmentally-friendly brands like Congoleum, whose product meets numerous environmental certifications. You’ll also have an opportunity to look at other brands such as Tarkett—a company whose vast experience in the international market makes for stylish and exotic designs. If you’d like to check these and more brands out, come visit our flooring experts!