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Armstrong is committed to improving lives and creating incredible experiences for families with quality flooring products. As a maker and seller of residential and commercial flooring products, Armstrong takes pride in their laminate flooring products and our Diverse Flooring store Maple Ridge carries them in-store.

For more information on Armstrong and their flooring products, click here.


Balterio specializes in laminate flooring and only laminate flooring. So you can expect the quality of their products to be high. They have plenty of stylish options to choose from and with many positive testimonials on their website, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing a product that other people loved so much, they expressed themselves online.

Get more information on Balterio’s laminate flooring products here.

Beaulieu Canada

Beaulieu Canada is amongst the largest manufacturers and distributors of flooring in Canada. They’ve been a provider of laminate flooring in unique designs, patterns and colours to the North American and international residential and commercial markets for years. They have tremendous experience and invest a lot in their products.
Learn more about Beaulieu Canada and what they can offer you here.

*Beaulieu products are not currently in-store but Can be ordered through Diverse Flooring.

Eckowood Hardwood

The laminate flooring experts at Eckowood Flooring deliver quality flooring at a reasonable price. You deserve a good value deal and Eckowood can deliver. Their laminate flooring products are well-crafted and are some of the best in the industry.

*Eckowood products are not currently in-store but Can be ordered through Diverse Flooring. Read more about Eckowood here.

Kraus Flooring

Established in 1959, Kraus Flooring is one of the largest flooring manufacturers and distributors in North America. Engineered hardwood is just one of the many types of flooring products they offer. At Diverse Flooring, we carry Kraus’ top quality engineered hardwood — and we’re proud of it.

Learn more about Kraus and their Engineered Hardwood here.


Kronotex specializes in laminate flooring and their unique mechanical locking system makes the installation process a bit easier. However, it’s recommended that you get professionals to install your new floors to get the job done right and at a reasonable time. Yes, we at Diverse Flooring can install Kronotex laminate floors for you.

But first — you’ll have to purchase laminate flooring from Kronotex and you can do that at our Diverse Flooring store in Maple Ridge. Learn more about Kronotex laminate flooring products here.


Mannington is unique in that they offer a full range of flooring solutions under one house. This includes laminate flooring and we carry Mannington laminate flooring products at Diverse Flooring. Serving your home or commercial building, Mannington has you covered every step of the way.

To learn more about Mannington laminate flooring, click here.

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