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Armstrong is dedicated to creating beautiful spaces and improving lives with quality flooring products. As a maker and seller of residential and commercial flooring products, Armstrong takes pride in their engineered hardwood flooring products and we at Diverse Flooring are delighted to carry them in our store in Maple Ridge.

For more information on Armstrong and their flooring products, click here.


From design straight through to the composition of products, Congoleum makes it a priority to create the best possible products so they meet and exceed the expectations of their customers. Their products are also environmentally-friendly, meeting numerous certifications.

You too, can reap the benefits of Congoleum’s vinyl tile products by purchasing them at our Diverse Flooring store in Maple Ridge. Learn more about Congoleum here.

*Congoleum products are not currently in-store but can be ordered through Diverse Flooring


Mannington is unique in that they offer a full range of flooring solutions under one house. This includes vinyl tile and we carry Mannington vinyl tile products at Diverse Flooring. Serving your home or commercial building, Mannington has you covered every step of the way.

To learn more about Mannington vinyl tile at Diverse Flooring, click here.


Tarkett has teams in over 100 countries selling and distributing their quality vinyl tile products to people just like you. They know what people appreciate in their floors and incorporate that in any new products they come up with.

Purchasing Tarkett vinyl tile can give you the peace of mind knowing that you’re getting a quality product. Quality and durability are important to them.

At Diverse Flooring, we carry Tarkett vinyl tile. So come down to our store to take a look and experience their vinyl tile products for yourself. For more information on Tarkett vinyl tile and their other products, click here.


TORLYS’ EverWood Premier selection is a set of high quality luxury vinyl plank (LVP) floors. They’re waterproof and durable. Same goes for TORLYS’ EverTile Premier selection, a luxury vinyl tile product.

Both EverWood and EverTile are as durable and dent resistant as any other luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile products out there. These are TORLYS’ bread and butter products. Both EverWood and EverTile have 5 separate layers, including a cork underlay and a Uniclic joint.

We at Diverse Flooring carry a wide variety of TORLYS products in-store. View some of them – Here.


Moduleo luxury vinyl flooring products are now at the Diverse Flooring showroom. These are some of the best vinyl flooring products in the world. They’re easy to clean and have tremendous heat insulation properties. Plus, the vast selection of styles we have can make your home floors resemble natural wood or stone!

Read more about Moduleo luxury vinyl floors here.

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