A warm Maple Ridge, BC living room with new carpet

Can carpet warm a room?

You may have heard many things about carpet, including the fact that it can "warm a room" to keep you and your family warmer through the cold months. In today's post, we will dig into this statement and share some facts to help you make a more informed decision.

The facts about a warm carpet

The truth is a carpet cannot, in and of itself, actually warm a room. However, it can retain the heat created by your heating source, providing an extra layer of insulation that is doubled when high-quality padding is added beneath, as it should be.

The heat retention you?ll experience can make your home feel warmer longer, as it keeps heat from dissipating faster than it should. It's a difference that can and will eventually show up on your energy bill, so the carpet is a material that can help pay for itself over time.

A warmer home never grows old, especially if you have children. However, when you choose a high-quality material, such as those with stain resistance built into the fibers, you'll find it lasts for decades, and it's worth every minute, so be sure to visit us today to find out what your options are to see how we can help.

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