Laminate flooring has a long history of brands that offer excellent water resistance. But what about waterproof materials? The truth is, to be entirely waterproof, this material can have absolutely no wood materials in it at all.

We’ll tell you more about this waterproof material and how you can utilize it in your home. Even with specific décor matching needs, you’ll enjoy the options available in this product line.

Facts about waterproof laminate flooring

You may have previously heard of water-resistant flooring from this line, and from there, you might wonder what the difference is between water resistance and waterproof materials. The answer is time.

Water-resistant flooring, of any kind, offers you a certain amount of time before the risk of water damage sets in. The amount of time offered can range from a few hours to a few days and is reflected in the price of the materials.

Waterproof flooring, however, is never susceptible to water damage, which means you can install it in moist, humid, damp areas, or experience spills in a variety of spaces, and still be completely protected. And this material now offers that.

The most significant difference in this flooring’s waterproof feature is that it protects from the top-down, instead of from the bottom up, the way that waterproof luxury vinyl works. That means if your subfloor has issues related to dampness or moisture, you'll need to address that by way of a vapor barrier before finalizing installation.

The reason this line’s waterproof materials are seeing a significant increase in popularity is that it is becoming more well-known. When you find out how this material works, how it can protect you, and the lifespan you can expect from it, you’ll probably want to have a look at it for yourself.

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