Manufactured carpet flooring rolls ready for your Maple Ridge, BC home

How is carpet made?

There's an old saying that goes,?inquiring minds want to know, and if you're the curious type, you might want to know how carpet is made. It's an exciting process that we'd love to explain further.

While the process is truly an art form, some basics will give you a clearer idea of how it is made. We hope you'll read along to find out more.

The basics of carpet making

Creating this flooring starts with a weaving process known as tufting, where the fiber is woven through a backing material that holds everything in place. During this process, the fibers can either be left in a loop form or cut, creating a cut loop.

The next step is to dye the fibers, giving it the beautiful visuals you'll love for years to come once they are in place on your floors. There are several ways to dye these fibers, and we'll be happy to explain this step further if you wish when you visit us.

In the final step, another backing is added and heat-pressed onto the existing backing to give more stability to the flooring overall. Finally, all the loose ends and protruding fibers are sheared off for a beautifully finished appearance.

After this creation process, each finished product is inspected carefully to ensure no manufacturing or color defects. The material is then rolled into rolls, usually twelve to fifteen feet wide, wrapped for protected, and shipped to the carpet showroom or warehouse.

Choosing the right carpet for your Maple Ridge home is easy

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