Many homeowners are drawn to luxury vinyl flooring because it offers complete waterproof protection, giving them the peace of mind they’ve always wanted. But many who are new to this flooring line often ask how long that protection will last, so here are some facts to know.

What you need to know about waterproof protection

Luxury vinyl flooring
is constructed with several layers of materials bonded through heat and pressure, with a clear protective topcoat. The layer guards against scratches, dents, and stains and covers the image layer, which provides the appearance of the flooring.

The core layer gives vinyl plank flooring products their sought-after waterproof characteristics, with options like wood and stone plastic composite (WPC and SPC). The bottom layer is a backing material that adds more stability and waterproof benefits like mold and mildew resistance.

Since the average lifespan of luxury vinyl flooring is up to 20 years, you can also expect to be protected from water damage for that long. The thicker the core layer, generally speaking, the more waterproof the materials will be, so consider all your LVT and LVP flooring options before finalizing a choice.

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