The Beauty and Strength of Mohawk?s SmartStrand Carpets

The Beauty and Strength of Mohawk?s SmartStrand Carpets

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Meet Mike and Molly, a happy-go-lucky middle aged couple living in a home in Langley that they have owned for over 25 years. They have a 15 year old son named Jolly and a 13 year old German shepherd named Sally.

Molly likes having a clean, well kept house but it gets rather difficult with a kid and a dog. Mike works 5 days a week and loves to watch sports and relax on weekends.

Jolly just hangs out in his room playing video games and comes out to eat. Sally likes lying on the couch or the carpet or the floor or on her bed or in the many other spots in the house. She also loves to play in the sprinkler and get her belly wet in the puddles and doesn?t care about all the hair she sheds all year long.

Molly is eager to invest in some much needed home renovations. She?d like to get her kitchen renovated by getting a new countertop, replacing the flooring and re-doing the cabinets. She also has been keen on getting a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner which would be less strenuous on her back.

A lot of her energy is spent in nagging Mike to do house work which includes vacuuming the carpet every Sunday on his day off.

Mike wants to have their old stained patched up Berber carpet replaced but Molly says no. She doesn?t want to do that while they still have a dog and also wants to wait till her son gets out of school. But ever since Mike brought home a brochure of Mohawk?s SmartStrand carpet, she has been thinking and re-thinking.

What is it about Mohawk?s SmartStrand Carpet that has got her thinking?

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Could it be the exceptional durability that promises to preserve the style, beauty, and appearance of the carpet? Or is it the built-in stain and soil protection feature complemented by the Nanoloc spill and soil shield for quick and easy clean up? The 0% moisture absorption to eliminate musty, dingy odours is another feature she is struggling to resist. And is it really the only renewable carpet fibre, certified free of harmful substances, to preserve a healthy home and a beautiful planet?

That night, their dinner conversations included some of the following remarks ?

Mike: Whoever thought of using advanced nanotechnology to encapsulate the SmartStrand fibre to prevent stains? Next thing you know is nanotechnology in the carpet fibre automatically sends a signal to the automatic vacuum cleaner as soon as there is a spill. I wish I was born in the 21st century.

Molly: Would it have been easier to clean the wine stains from that night when Sally?s wagging tail knocked a glass of merlot on our carpet? I can?t believe Mohawk put the carpet to test in the Dallas Zoo to test stain resistance and durability. I can?t imagine what would happen to our carpet if a fleet of elephants stomped on it.

Jolly: You should buy it. Maybe then you will stop complaining about my friends coming over.

After some more jibber jabber, they finished their dinner and went to the living room to watch TV. But when they stepped on their carpet, they all felt a feeling of contempt. And what do they see on TV? You guessed it, a TV commercial of the SmartStrand carpet ?

A brochure and a TV commercial was not enough for Mike to be completely convinced. He is resourceful and wanted to find out more. So he decided to do some more independent research. While at work the next day, he opened the browser on his computer and started to dig out more information. Now he understands the difference between a spill and a stain ?

He also read the following article on before he got on with pretending to work: Review of Mohawk SmartStrand

What Really Floors Mike and Molly About Mohawk

Mohawk Flooring is a company that has invested approximately $1.5 billion in capital expenditures since 2013. These have been ongoing investments to expand capacity, improve productivity and facilitate product innovation ? as per their 2015 annual report.

Their Sustainability & Vision Strategy states ? ?We are committed to actively contribute to sustainable development through Environmental protection, Social Responsibility and Economic Progress. To us, that means meeting the needs of society today, while respecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs.?

This is a company that actively encourages the use of science to make its products better. Its product innovations are guided by compassion for the users and for the environment. These are some of the things that suggest that this is a brand you can trust.

Mike and Molly recently visited Shana, their long time friend who had just got a nylon carpet installed in her house. When driving back home they thought ? if only Shana knew about the amazing softness and incredible durability that comes from packing over 700 silk like fibres into one yarn. They were tempted to share the following video with Shana but decided against it to save her from feeling any regrets.

SmartStrand Creates Ambassadors Immediately ? What A Product!

Even though Mike, Molly and others in this story are fictional characters, some of them are virtually turning into carpet geeks and Mohawk Flooring?s SmartStrand advocates.

Here is a video that Mike recently posted on his Facebook:

To talk to a non-fictional and real carpet expert, call Shawn from Diverse Flooring.

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