Underlayment enhances your waterproof laminate flooring experience, offering several benefits that affect comfort, performance, and lifespan. If this step is overlooked, you won’t get the results these floors are known to provide.

Once you find out what an underlayment can do for your remodel, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to include it. Here’s what you should know about the product.

Noise reduction is important

One of the things you'll appreciate most about an underlayment is the decreased sound, including footsteps, furniture movement, voices, and electronics. It's beneficial between floors and perfect for multi-level homes, especially with children or pets.

Laminate flooring
underlayment will be a fantastic addition to your flooring installation, providing a quieter living environment, even in your busiest spaces. Ask about the options that will change how these materials act once in place to ensure the most successful results.

Protect against moisture and dampness

A good underlayment helps to protect your flooring from moisture damage from underlying dampness issues. Even if you choose waterproof laminate flooring, you should know that the products only protect from the top down, making this underlayment necessary for complete protection.

The best laminate flooring features added protection that guards against the most common results of moisture damage, including buckling, swelling, and warping. When we assess your installation, we'll give you all the details about your situation.

Added comfort you can appreciate

Some floors provide impressive comfort, but the right underlayment can create an even softer and more comfortable experience in every space. It helps reduce the impact of footfalls and makes it easier to stand in one place for long periods, such as while doing dishes or preparing meals.

Waterproof laminate flooring and a good underlayment can impact normal daily activities in areas where you spend the most time. It's useful in bedrooms, bathrooms, children's rooms, and kitchens.

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