Vinyl plank flooring installation in a Maple Ridge, BC home

Can vinyl plank flooring be removed and reinstalled?

One of the best things about vinyl plank flooring is that it can be removed and reinstalled elsewhere if that?s what you?d like to do. In today?s post, we?re going to tell you more about that and which options you should choose if you think it might be a legitimate requirement in the future.

The best vinyl plank flooring and options

The best vinyl plank flooring options for removal and reinstallation are loose-lay vinyl products that were not glued into place during the initial installation. Taking these up and reinstalling them is much more affordable than purchasing brand new flooring, especially if you have options still in excellent condition.

Loose-lay vinyl is easy to remove and install because the pieces lay flat and attach with friction and close placement. When reinstalling these pieces in a smaller area, you aren?t likely to require any additional pieces.

For other types of vinyl, the process is nearly as simple and keeps your services charges to a minimum. To discuss all your options, be sure to stop by and speak with us about your needs and preferences today.

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