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Does laminate flooring come with an attached pad?

When choosing waterproof laminate flooring, you usually have to buy a separate pad. The padding is often necessary, especially with thinner flooring materials.

But some laminates come with a preattached underpadding, so you don't have to add one. That makes the installation process faster and easier.

Why do laminate floors need an underpadding?

An underpadding is necessary if your chosen flooring is a thinner product. Without it, subfloor imperfections can telegraph through to the surface of the flooring.

A quality underpadding also creates heat retention, acting as a form of insulation. The flooring is also warmer to the touch; you can walk on it with bare feet for laminate flooring.

Noise suppression can be significant for busy homes, and the proper padding can provide it. If you have pets, children, or a super busy home, this is a big reason to ensure you get the padding you need.

Attached padding can save the day

Choosing a product with an attached underpadding is fantastic. You won't have to buy a different product or endure a more extended installation while it's installed.

Instead, the flooring installation itself will give you excellent padding. And you can trust this will help create the best laminate flooring in every room of your home.

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