Laminate flooring installation in a Maple Ridge, BC master bedroom

Does laminate flooring need to be acclimated?

You hear a lot about the necessity of acclimating hardwood flooring, but does laminate flooring?also need to be acclimated? According to most manufacturer?s warranties, it does, and we?ll tell you why.

Laminate flooring installation facts

While laminate isn't a hardwood flooring, it still contains materials altered by various climate changes and the surrounding environment. Acclimation is an essential step in the pre-installation process to avoid buckling or warping.

When this flooring is moved from a warm environment into a cool space or a cool area to a warm one, changes can happen, including gaps, separation, and buckling. It only takes a slight shift to create these changes and ruin a brand new flooring installation.

However, with a simple acclimation period of anywhere from two to three days, you can avoid any problems like these. Instead, you?ll have beautiful flooring with perfect seams and a flawless surface that you can enjoy for up to 20 years or more, with proper care and maintenance.

After acclimation, you?ll find these floors are installed quickly and easily, and you can usually walk on them as soon as the installation is complete. Be sure to ask about adding an underlayment for more comfort and warmth, and stop by to see them in person anytime.

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