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Does luxury vinyl flooring need to acclimate to my home temperature?

Luxury vinyl flooring
offers impressive visuals and benefits for every homeowner. But it does need acclimation before installation can start.

Acclimation is sometimes overlooked, but it's one of the most critical processes. And because we want only your most successful results, we want you to know all about it.

Acclimation and what it means

Acclimating is most often associated with solid hardwood flooring. But it's not the only material that benefits from this service.

Acclimating ensures that the products and the environment share the same humidity levels. But it also equalizes temperature, which is as vital with vinyl plank flooring.

How long does acclimation take?

Acclimation periods vary, but 72 hours is an average length of time. The goal is to ensure that flooring and environment match one another.

Since luxury vinyl flooring has tiny air pockets throughout, be careful to ensure acclimation. Your flooring professional will know precisely when installation can begin.

Acclimation and lifespan

Some might encourage skipping the acclimation process, but we don't recommend it. Acclimation ensures no warping or peeling for a longer LVP flooring lifespan.

This time is well-spent and doesn't last very long. This is why it's so important to learn more about it.

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