Carpet in Maple Ridge, BC from Diverse Flooring

Love carpet and animals?

If you love carpet flooring, but you also love animals, we have good news. You can have both in the same house at the same time!

Now, more than ever before, this combination is a workable choice. And the more you know about the available options, the better shopping decisions you can make.

Enough durability, even for pets

Carpet has a reputation for softness and comfort, but it hasn't always been durable. However, modern technologies offer new features that make them more durable than ever.

Built-in stain and odor protection are a perfect choice for your pet-friendly home. This carpet flooring means fewer permanent stains and a fresher smell, as long as these products are in place.

But you'll also find the floors easier to clean. Dirt, dander, and debris slip right off the carpet, making it easy to maintain these floors.

Here's what else you'll get with durable carpet

The most durable carpet means a longer lifespan, reaching 20 years or more. But don't forget about the stunning beauty these floors offer.

Choose solid colors, patterns, and fiber types to cater to every decor matching need. Look at trends to create the perfect carpet installation in every room.

We have the carpet flooring you need

For carpet in Maple Ridge, BC, choose Diverse Flooring for your needs. Our associates make it their goal to create the most successful results.

No matter what size project you have in mind, we're here to work alongside you from start to finish. And we can answer all your questions about your chosen material.

When ready for the best carpet, visit our Maple Ridge, BC showroom anytime. From there, we provide carpet flooring to residents from:

  • Maple Ridge
  • Pitt Meadows
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