Luxury vinyl flooring in Maple Ridge, BC from Diverse Flooring

Love the rustic look? Wait till you see luxury vinyl flooring!

The rustic decor set is one of the most popular, offering extensive choices. And luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most often used products to achieve that look.

If you have or are considering the rustic look, this could be a great flooring choice. Consider how these floors will match that need as you view the materials.

What is the rustic look?

Rustic decor options include rugged, all-natural looks, including wood, stone, and tile. Strict lines aren't necessary so that you can choose an authentic-looking LVP flooring.

You can turn to furnishings and colors that incorporate nature, even in a modern rustic style. And you can enjoy the results for up to 20 years before replacing the floors.

Luxury vinyl flooring options you can work with

Wood and stone looks are prevalent in luxury vinyl flooring. And that means you can create the most rustic looks with ease, no matter how large or small a remodel.

Even porcelain tile looks bring a more biophilic option, especially with neutral colors. Natural grouting can add impressive visual appeal to your vinyl plank flooring.

Mix and match options for great results

With a rustic look, you can easily mix and match natural-looking options. Moreover, since the natural look incorporates so much, you have more freedom in design.

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