The hottest laminate flooring trends

The hottest laminate flooring trends

This year, laminate flooring is as popular as it?s always been, offering beauty, durability, and lifespan options that cater to every room in your home. But we know the available choices can seem overwhelming as you start your remodel.

That's why we're here to help with information that could make your choices easier. Here are some of the hottest laminate trends for this year.

Trends in wood-look products

The wood look will always be in style, though trends may change from time to time. For laminate, look for trends that include wide plank options in various laminate flooring color schemes.

Dark, rustic colors find a place in many homes, but light stain colors and gray options are also popular. Pairing these with various textures, such as wire-brushed or distressed, can keep you in style for years.

Features that work

More than ever, water-resistant and waterproof options are the go-to for busy homeowners. These characteristics will save you money if you have pets, children, or work outside.

These benefits don't change the visual of your flooring, but you'll find they make a massive difference in the durability and lifespan of waterproof laminate flooring. Remember that these floors also offer excellent durability against wear and tear, keeping your flooring looking great in even the busiest spaces.

We offer the best trends in laminate flooring

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