Wood look luxury vinyl plank flooring in a Maple Ridge, BC home

Vinyl plank flooring looks like real solid hardwood

At a holiday celebration, there were about 25 guests, two of whom were the homeowner?s kids, as well as three dogs, also belonging to the homeowner.

The homeowner had exquisite maple floors and you could see every knot and raised grain. It felt rigid like a hard surface on which to walk. There was also a magnificent view of the water which brought out the pinkish undertones of the wood.

When many commented on the beauty of the wood floors, they were shocked to hear they were luxury vinyl plank.

The floors weren't just beautiful but were also tough enough to withstand all the people, dogs, and a lot of spilled food and drink.

Save on flooring without sacrificing style

While affordable, there's no end to the high-end look, which is most likely why we're seeing it in so many expensive homes.

Wood looks aren't the only way you can go. You can also get stone appearances, such as travertine floors, or a luxurious bath reminiscent of 5-star hotels with granite or marble surfaces.

If tile is your desire, luxury vinyl flooring can also be cut into groutable tile-sized pieces.

Not just form, but function, with vinyl plank in Maple Ridge

While all vinyl is durable, this product has an even thicker top clear plastic wear layer that protects the floor from scratches and scuffs. Spills sit at the top so they easily wipe off.

It?s also waterproof, so worries about toppled pet water dishes or spilled kool-aid are gone.

Easy to clean, you just need to sweep frequently. Damp-mop periodically with a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Avoid waxy or shine-promoting cleaners, since they can dull or change the floor's color. If you want it to shine, speak to your flooring expert.

The installation is uncomplicated and with a few exceptions, it goes over most existing subfloors. You have a range of installation techniques including click and lock, peel and stick, glue-down, and loose-lay.

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