6 Flooring Design Tips To Keep In Mind

6 Flooring Design Tips To Keep In Mind

A well-designed interior has a sense of unity and taste that communicates a mood or theme to its occupant- whether it is the pristine waiting room at the dentist or a cozy sun room with wicker chairs that beckon you to relax.

The silent hero that in fact unites all the room?s elements together and completes the design is its foundation: the floor.

For example, cheerfully painted tiles can brighten up a bathroom while giving it a rustic charm while a cool gray engineered stone floor sets a serene, sophisticated mood ideal for an office.

When it?s time to remodel your floors, it is important to consider what kind of design you want to implement. There are many directions you could take your project and the overall outcome will depend on vision and budget. Some factors that will contribute to your project?s finished look are

  • Colour
  • Pattern
  • Texture
  • Your Furniture
  • Cost
  • Time

1. Color

Your floor?s color can set the tone for the whole room. Do you ever wonder why casinos feel so energetic? It has a lot to do with their red floors that make us innately more restless and active.

For the home, red floors may not be the norm. Typical color schemes tend to stay in the realm of earthy tones to neutrals. The organic brown of hardwoods\ is classic and timeless while darker stone tiles provide a more contemporary look. Consider the mood you want, and for that mood, there will be a color to express it.

So, will your interior be cheerful and colorful, rustic and cozy, or contemporary and chic? Your tastes will determine the initial palette that will become your design scope through which you will interpret your desired concept.

If you need assistance with selecting your floor?s color, hiring a professional designer or picking up a home improvement magazine can give you some fresh inspiration. Better yet, come to the Diverse Flooring showroom and have a look yourself!

2. Pattern

Whether you choose stone tiles, hardwoods, bamboo, cork, or laminate floors, each of these materials can be set into patterns when installed. Carpets can also come in various patterns and prints as well.

For all non-carpet flooring options, checkerboard layouts are timeless, while mosaic patterns catch the eye with their energetic appearance, seeming to always be in movement. You can also be creative with your floors? borders or by integrating different plank or tile colors into the design.

3. Texture

Touch, as well as appearance, is a major contributor to the ultimate outcome of your design project. Ask yourself how you want your floors to feel. Do you want a smooth, polished surface or does the natural unevenness of stone tiles better appeal to your vision?

For those who want a room full of warmth and plush comfort, some high-quality cushioned carpet may be the right texture for the room?s mood. Conversely, a bright foyer made of white marble exudes a regal elegance, especially under a bright chandelier in the evening hours.

4. Your Furniture

When you are installing your floor, you have to also keep your furnishings in mind. What style furniture are you trying to match your floors with? What kind of curtains will you use, and will you use an area rug?

If you are unsure of what kind of surfaces will match your current furniture or the set you plan to buy, don?t hesitate to bring in a professional eye to assist you in picking the right floor for your needs.

5. Cost

Your budget will determine your design?s overall potential. The more you have, the more options you have. However, don?t let your funds stop you from exploring your options.

There are some surprisingly high-end looks you can achieve by using laminate floors that mimic many popular flooring materials from stone to hardwood. You don?t have to break the bank to have a room that exudes elegance!

6. Time

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can make your project very elaborate. You can order the rarest species of lumber and have the planks custom dyed and finished inside your home while you and your family go for a holiday at a hotel.

If you are in a time crunch, however, consider flooring options that don?t involve a lot of labor or time. Floating laminate floors are good options for people who need a new floor quickly. They are placed right over the subfloor and snap into place, requiring very little time and shorter labor times. It can even be a DIY project.

If you have any questions about flooring, please comment below and we will be happy to help you figure out which floor is perfect for your next design project.

About Shawn Farina: Flooring Expert at Diverse Flooring

Shawn Farina operates Diverse Flooring, a family-run business in Maple Ridge, with his younger brother, Todd. He has been in the flooring industry for 18 years. Shawn is passionate about design and feels flooring has been a great avenue to help others make the best decisions for their homes.

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