Flood flooring restoration


Flooring restoration from Diverse Flooring

Flooding is a problem that many homeowners throughout the Lower Mainland deal with on a regular basis. It can happen any time of the year, and it can happen for many reasons: burst pipes, excess rain, or slow leaks that were not immediately noticed. When a flooding does happen, it typically always damages your flooring and, sometimes, the substrate below that. Everyone here at Diverse Flooring are flooring experts. Whether we are restoring your flooring or replacing it, our flooring experts will bring your home back to its original, pristine condition in a timely and efficient manner.

Ask how one of our flooring experts will assist you in potentially getting more value for your insurance dollars

Diverse Flooring is partnered with many North American and European flooring brand names, including major brand names such as Mohawk, Armstrong, Mannington, and Shaw. Our store carries a wide range of samples from these major flooring brands so that when you are selecting your new flooring, you are doing it with peace of mind.



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