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Characteristics of hardwood from Diverse Flooring

The broad variety of hardwood flooring choices comes from the finishes, stains, and natural colors of wood species. The tendency of hardwood to darken or lighten subtly with sun exposure or age, adds to the variety. The lighting in a home is a factor that affects how hardwood floors look. When choosing hardwood from the Diverse Flooring selection, ask for samples to decide upon the best color for your home.

Species of hardwood

Diverse Flooring offers wood species that will match any design style. Wood species differences are both beautiful and fascinating. Oak has a pronounced grain. The grain in maple is straight. Walnut has a dark elegance and ash is available in warm tones. Exotic wood such as Brazilian cherry and tigerwood, offer striking looks that create a bold statement design.

Scale of hardwood hardness

Each species of wood has a hardness rating. It indicates how resistant the species is to wear and dents. Harder woods withstand indentations better than softer woods. For durability, Brazilian cherry, ash, maple, and oak are excellent choices.

The width of hardwood planks and strips

Hardwood comes in planks or strips. A board less than three inches wide is considered a strip. Planks are at least three inches wide. Large rooms are nicely accented with wide hardwood planks. They can be overwhelming in a small room. Choose the width that works with the size and style of the room.
Hardwood floors in Maple Ridge BC from Diverse Flooring

Hardwood edge details

The way an edge or end of a board is cut is called a detail. Beveled, eased, micro-beveled, and square options are available. A beveled end or edge provides a dramatic effect that emphasizes individual board definition. For a smooth, nearly seamless appearance, square edges and ends are used.

Hardwood gloss

You may choose low-gloss or high-gloss. Neither affects the performance or durability of hardwood. Light colors and low-gloss hide minor scratches better than high-gloss floors.

Our Maple Ridge, British Columbia showroom is open on weekends by appointment. We provide the service free to customers from Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Langley, and Burnaby.

Customers can explore the wide variety of hardwood provided by trusted vendors with some one-on-one time with a flooring expert. Scheduling is flexible to allow everyone to use this helpful service when selecting hardwood.

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