Textured laminate flooring in a Pitt Meadows, BC

Are textures trending in laminate flooring?

Choosing an excellent flooring covering can consist of choosing all the right pieces that come together to create one whole remodel. For instance, the best laminate flooring will have textures that cater to your requirements, and that?s what we are going to talk about more today, so follow along with us to learn more.

Your best laminate flooring and textures

Since this product offers outstanding replications of all-natural materials like stone and solid hardwood, you'll find that the texture of each is what you would expect from nature. But what's trending?

This year, trending laminate textures lean more toward the hardwood look, with hand-scraped, distressed, and embossed-in-register options. Hand-scraped products look like the natural wood option that gets a personalized scraping before the lacquer is added, while distressed materials, as you might expect, look as though they've been through some wear over their lifetime, adding character and depth.

Embossed-in-register is a method that intensifies the depth and texture of the ?wood grain? to give a deeper feel and a more realistic experience, especially in products like laminate. These floors are also durable enough to withstand much daily wear, especially scuffs and scratches, so be sure to consider all your options today.

We offer the laminate flooring you?ve been waiting for

If you need laminate in Maple Ridge, we invite you to take advantage of the expertise at your disposal at Diverse Flooring. Our associates cater to your requirements for materials, services, consultations, and more, so it?s worth your time to spend some time with us.

We serve Pitt Meadows, Walnut Grove, and Langley North residents from our showroom in Maple Ridge. Since we aim for complete satisfaction, you?ll find our attention to detail may be just what you need, so stop by for the best laminate flooring today.
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