Vinyl plank flooring in a Port Moody home

Are vinyl plank floors heat resistant?

Homeowners sometimes turn to heat for cleaning purposes, and those with vinyl plank flooring might wonder if this is okay for their floors. This wood floor look-alike offers extended durability and beauty, but can it stand up under the heat of steam cleaning or other heat-related methods?

Understanding your LVP flooring is the best way to care for it and help it reach its full lifespan potential. Let's take a look at how this floor covering handles heat so that you'll be better prepared.

Vinyl plank flooring offers many options

Luxury vinyl plank brings plenty of advantageous characteristics such as excellent visuals, outstanding durability, and a lifespan that means you won't have to replace them too soon. But what about heat resistance?

These floors can resist scratches, scuffs, stains, and even a certain amount of gouging in their durability. However, extreme heat can damage the luxury vinyl plank.

Some of the culprits through which heat damage can occur include hot pans, curling irons, dropped cigarettes, and more. It's also important to avoid attempting to clean with a steam cleaner, as this can make your vinyl flooring curl or melt against extreme temperatures.

Damaged pieces can be replaced after severe heat damage, but great care should be taken to ensure the match is correct. Keeping a few extra pieces on hand is always a good idea.

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