How to Choose the Right Area Rug for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Area Rug for Your Home

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Area rugs have been around for centuries, serving as home d?cor essentials since the dawn of civilization.

From woven reed rugs and animal hide rugs to the artistic varieties featuring exquisite detail, rich colours and symmetrical patterns, the area rug is woven into cultures around the globe.

For many families, this intricate piece of woven fibers was the household?s most valuable possession.

Fast-forward to the 21st century ? area rugs are just as popular as ever.

In addition to taking a room from boring to chic, they can also serve to differentiate one area in the home from the next in an open-concept floor plan. Area rugs can also muffle the sound of footsteps, while providing comfort and warmth.

Figuring out what shape and size one should choose for an area rug can differentiate with each room of your home. There?s also budget that should be factored into your decision before you hit the stores. While there are plenty of options out there, the process doesn?t have to be overwhelming.

Here are just 3 things to keep in mind when shopping for a new area rug.

the best area rugs for your home

1. Set Your Area Rug Budget

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One of the first factors to consider when investing in a new area rug for your home is your budget. From the cheesy dollar store floor runners to the lavish Persian rugs that can cost upwards of $10,000, there are many options and price points on the market.

For those looking for a quick way to update the look of their home without breaking the bank, consider synthetic rugs made of polypropylene or nylon as they provide UV and water resistance at affordable price points.

Of the two materials, nylon is higher in quality due to its bulk and ability to hold colour well.

Another affordable option worth considering is cotton, which is a material that won?t break the bank. However, keep in mind that it?s not the wisest choice for every household. For those with small children and pets, cotton rugs, which run for around $50 and upwards, can stain and wear out quickly. On the plus side, they can easily be thrown into a large washing machine when soiled.

For those looking for an affordable eco-friendly option, there are area rugs made with plant-based fibers such as jute, sisal and bamboo. Not only are these materials made from renewable sources, but they?re also biodegradable.

Area rugs made out of wool, silk or a blend of the two dominate the high end of the market. For those who love the look of wool and silk but not the price tag that goes along with it, heat-set olefin rugs are a popular option. This variety looks similar to wool, is easy to clean and is moderately priced in comparison to wool.

Just remember the old adage of ?you get what you pay for,? or risk having to replace your new area rug on an annual basis.

2. Size Matters

Prior to heading out to the store in search for the perfect area rug, it?s important to determine the size of the room you?re planning to cover. Otherwise, you could end up with one that?s too large or small.

Do you want to cover an entire room or have it neatly tucked under your couch or dining area? Bring out the masking tape to measure the space. You may even want to consider using white masking tape to mark off where the rug will cover to see what the rug will look like when you bring it home.

Those looking for a non-standard-sized rug should consider having one custom-made.

3. What Kind of Area Rug to Get

With so many styles and types of area rugs on the market, it can be tough to narrow down your choices to ?the one.? To simplify the process, think about where in your home the area rug will be placed. If it?s for a high-traffic zone, consider selecting a material such as Nylon. Nylon is a popular option for its durability and stain resistant qualities, making it a great choice for families or homes with pets.

If you?re your looking to cover an area in your home that is only used during special occasions, consider investing in a rug made from delicate and luxurious silk, which will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your abode.

Another important factor to note is whether furniture will be placed over top ? especially if it?s like to move, such as a dining chair. For example, one would be best advised not to place a dining table on a needlepoint rug as the movement of the chairs could cause damage. Instead, option for a hand-knotted Persian area rug touted for its durability; the intricate pattern will also camouflage those pesky stains.

3) Colour & Style of Your Area Rug

In addition to the size of the room where the area rug will be placed, it?s important to keep in mind what colour or pattern will work best with your current decor scheme. While a rug with a central-medallion design will look beautiful under a glass coffee table or in an open-seating arrangement, it will look awkward to the naked eye if the elaborate design is partially covered.

Colour and pattern can also be useful design illusions. For example, horizontal-stripes instantly make a narrow room look wider, while a dark area rug can help anchor furnishings in a room with a pale colour scheme, providing a strong focal point.

With these handy tips in mind, you?re well on your way to finding the perfect area rug to complement any room in your home.

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