Clean laminate flooring in a Pitt Meadows, BC home

How to clean laminate flooring

With laminate flooring, you get the fantastic look of solid hardwood or all-natural stone, excellent stability, and a superior lifespan. But how do you clean them?

This is an often asked question that requires a great answer, and we?d like to provide that for you in this post. Read along to find out the best way to clean laminate for a floor covering that will last for years.

Best cleaning methods for laminate

As with any floor covering, daily cleaning is essential. Use a broom or vacuum to get rid of dirt and debris, especially in areas with high traffic levels, so that your floors are always free of contaminants that can scratch and mar.

To clean more deeply, it's essential to start by reading the manufacturer's instructions. Each brand has recommendations for their specific materials and instructions and product guides on their websites for more in-depth information.

Be sure to use cleaning supplies and tools that are not abrasive in any way, and never let spills or messes remain on your flooring. When at all possible, reach for cleaners that specifically state their purpose as a laminate solution.

To protect against much of the wear that can cause a messy looking flooring, it?s a great idea to utilize runners and mats to catch dirt and debris. These can be removed, shaken, or cleaned, and put back in place to continue protecting your flooring.

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