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Nylon vs. Polyester carpet: What?s the difference?

Choosing an excellent carpet flooring can be an exciting experience, especially if you?ve dealt with the flooring line before now. It provides exquisite underfoot softness as well as a wide variety of patterns, designs, and appearances.

Fiber choice is likely the most critical choice you?ll make in picking out the perfect carpet. Each one has specific characteristics that help you move towards the most extended lifespan possible, and we?ll make sure you pick the best one for your lifestyle.

Your carpet fiber choice is crucial

Two of the most popular and commonly purchased carpeting fibers are nylon and polyester. But what is the difference between the two?

While both are similar in composition and benefit, it can be essential to note even the smallest differences. The truth is, it could mean a significant difference for the lifespan of your flooring.

Nylon is known for incredible durability, attributed in part to outstanding resiliency that means it will efficiently and quickly bounce back after being compacted. That makes it an excellent choice for highly-traveled areas such as foyers, entryways, and hallways.

Polyester is also durable, though not quite as much as nylon. The primary reason for this is that its resiliency is less, and allows it to show wear and travel much faster than nylon.

However, both materials offer a range of qualities that could mean a high-grade polyester might outperform low-grade nylon. For more specific information that's sure to fit your needs, be sure to visit us to speak with a floor professional today.

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