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SmartStrand carpet vs polyester: Is one better than the other?

Should you get SmartStrand flooring for your upcoming redesign or go with polyester flooring instead? Is one fiber type better than the others? Let's go over the advantages of both these soft surfacing materials to give you a sense of which one would work best in your home.

Durability and quality

When contrasting polyester and SmartStrand of the same quality level, there isn't much difference in terms of durability. While polyester fibers may seem to bounce back faster, according to the SmartStrand manufacturer they are equally high performance, though reaction times may vary slightly.


Without a doubt, warranties depend highly on the manufacturer and craftsmanship. However, SmartStrand warranties usually last longer,? typically around 25 years. Polyester, on the other hand, is normally around 10 years. These numbers do depend on the degree of quality you're considering.


At this point, things will change as these two materials vastly differ. SmartStrand often employs rapidly renewable resources for the manufacturing process. In doing so, this greatly affects your indoor environment, as the material releases fewer Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air. Although polyester does not use renewable resources, acquiring it does however come with other advantages. Nowadays, newer models utilize recycled materials, making it an equally sustainable flooring option.

Stain resistance

Naturally stain-resistant, SmartStrand's anti-water absorption properties make it simple to maintain and keep clean. Again, this can be viewed as another eco-friendly feature, as it reduces the need for spot cleaning chemicals that can end up in waterways and landfills. Polyester, though it may need a stain-resistant treatment to begin with, is another equally viable option that's also stain-resistant for a long time, if properly cared for.

The result

In the end, each surfacing material has its own set of benefits. However, durability and resilience-wise, you're in good hands with both installations. As for warranties, you'll need to speak to a polyester and SmartStrand flooring retailer to get a clear sense of what models they care, and therefore what warranties they come with.

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