Laminate flooring for your Walnut Grove home from Diverse Flooring

Two questions to help you decide: laminate vs vinyl plank

Both laminate and vinyl plank are terrific wood-look floor options, similar in appearance, price, and durability.

If you can?t decide between the two, ask yourself two questions, and also have a thorough discussion at both the laminate and vinyl store.

What are the characteristics of the room I will be installing it in?

Is it leaky? It isn?t just our kitchen or bath that can leak either. Clogged drainpipes, chimneys and roofs and even laundry rooms with corroded washing machine hoses (and they only last a few years) can do it.

If your home is prone to any of this, know that vinyl flooring is completely waterproof. It?s also available with various cores that give even higher levels of water and moisture protection.

Laminate is made from wood by-products and, while water-resistant, it's not completely waterproof. On the other hand, when it's installed correctly, with the boards very tightly together, it can become almost waterproof.

Ultimately, that will affect your decision.

How do you feel?

Here?s why we?re asking this question. All vinyl is softer and more flexible than many hard surfaces. It also doesn?t get cold. If you stand for long periods on one surface, such as when you're preparing big, extravagant family meals in the kitchen, it might get a little uncomfortable.

Plus, if you have a senior pet, he or she will appreciate the softer, warmer surface.

Laminate is a more rigid flooring and which some say has more of the feel of a genuine wood surface; in fact, it?s impossible to determine the difference from laminate to genuine wood when you walk on it.

What they have in common

?Style. With remarkably realistic simulations of wood, tile or stone, they both have embossing features that add depth and dimension. They also have a wide variety of colors, patterns, designs, species, and veining as you will see in the laminate or vinyl floor store.
?Affordability. You won?t pay nearly close to the price of the real thing.
?Durability. Both are layered, fused and have ultra-tough clear wear layers on top that protect from scratches and scuffs. Stain just sits on top and can be easily wiped off.
?Simple installation. They are both DIY-friendly.
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