Laminate flooring installed in a Langley North, BC kitchen

Can laminate flooring be floating?

There are several options for installing your new laminate flooring, and one of those is the ever-popular ?floating? floor. This is an excellent choice for many reasons and can give you a quick and easy installation in any room of your home.

We?ll talk a little more about this installation method and its advantages right here today. Be sure to read along to find out more about the process.

The floating installation for laminate flooring

When you hear the term "floating" floor in the flooring industry, that means that the floor covering is not attached directly to the subfloor or underlayment beneath it. Often, this is accomplished by the click and lock installation method.

In this method, the flooring pieces are clicked together and locked into place, creating an excellent and easy install. It?s quicker, too, so you?ll save money on the shorter installation time.

Another great advantage is that it can be installed over a variety of existing floors, saving even more time by not having to tear up an entire room's worth of old flooring. But it?s also impressive in that damages don?t automatically require the removal of all your flooring.

If the wear, abuse, or accidents cause any unforeseen circumstances, you can remove and replace the damaged portions. This is as quick and easy a process as the installation itself.

If you?d like more information about this type of floor installation, be sure to visit us at your convenience. You?ll find out everything you need to know about floating floors and more.

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