Clean laminate flooring in a Maple Ridge, BC master bathroom

Can laminate flooring be steam cleaned?

There are many ways to clean your laminate flooring that is quick and easy, and some homeowners wonder if steam cleaning is a feasible method. While some steam cleaning manufacturers will tell you that it is possible, under specific requirements, we advise that you steer clear of steam cleaners when it comes to this floor covering.

Finding the perfect laminate cleaning methods

Many laminate flooring manufacturers list steam cleaning as one of the most critical cleaning methods to NOT use, citing irreparable damage as a result. Unfortunately, if you attempt steam cleaning and experience excessive damage, you will likely find your warranty voided because of it.

Applying heat combined with steam can weaken the materials in laminate, especially the top layers, which are put in place to protect against daily wear. In addition, if you continue to use a steam cleaner, you could further damage the inner parts, which will quickly result in a complete breakdown of the flooring overall.

If you?re looking for the best way to clean up laminate flooring, be sure to blot spills immediately, sweep regularly, and clean periodically with products that were created specifically for these floor coverings. You can also contact your flooring manufacturer or stop by our showroom for more details about helping your floors to look their best.

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