A Maple Ridge, BC home with durable carpet protected from messy kids

Choosing carpet for homes with very messy kids

When you have kids, you want strong flooring that is stain resistant. It also needs to have enough traction so running kids can slow down around corners and of course, it needs to be soft enough to cushion hard falls. Carpet answers all those needs.

SmartStrand and the messiest kid contest

Made with a relative newcomer to the market, Triexta, SmartStrand has the stain resistance built right into the fiber. That means it?s permanent and cannot be worn off in any way. It?s also strong, some say even stronger than nylon, and was tested extensively before being brought to the market.

In one test, manufacturer Mohawk brought in kids to give them ice cream sundaes, fully loaded with chocolate syrup and other toppings. They had permission to spill. The kid faces are hysterical, showing disbelief that they were allowed to spill.

When the kids were finished eating, the spills wiped up with hot water. SmartStrand also resists mustard, ketchup, red wine, and pet accidents. The carpet is also strong, some say even stronger than nylon, and available in an assortment of colors and fabrics, including silk.

Other types that work well with kids

Polyester has excellent inherent stain resistance. It is hydrophobic, which means it has low absorbency and spills won?t get into the dye lots, but it is less durable than SmartStrand.

While nylon is both strong and stain-resistant, a protectant must be applied for it to repel liquids.

Olefin is an economical fiber that has excellent stain resistance, but it is not soil-repellent which means you may need to vacuum a little more often. Olefin is only durable when included in the Berber carpet style because that construction uses the strongest part of the fiber.

Think about color

Some carpet colors, like tan, taupe, brown or mauve hide dirt well, as do the ones with speckled flecks like the Berber style. Many say the color black hides dirt, but that?s debatable; if you have a light-haired pet that sheds, it will show, as will dust.

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