Does luxury vinyl plank flooring tolerate humidity?

Does luxury vinyl plank flooring tolerate humidity?

If you're dealing with an area with frequent humidity, luxury vinyl flooring is always an excellent choice for your new flooring project. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is manufactured to withstand humidity, moisture, dampness, and spills, with excellent results and lifespans of over 20 years.

Here?s why luxury vinyl is a great choice

These products are created with unique core components made of wood or stone plastic composite (WPC and SPC), each offering specific benefits for your flooring. When paired with vinyl, which is already waterproof on its own, your results protect you from all kinds of water damage in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, to name only a few.

Vinyl plank flooring
has core components that help resist water damage, but they also fight warping, splitting, and buckling, even under intense humidity. So, when solid wood might succumb to moisture levels, these floors will still look as good and perform as well as if there were no humidity.

Depending on certain factors, luxury vinyl flooring may require acclimation before installation can begin, with a process that takes about 24 to 48 hours. Once acclimation is complete, your floors can be installed as usual, for results you have appreciated for years.

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