Thick and durable vinyl plank flooring in a Maple Ridge, BC home

Does vinyl plank flooring come in different thicknesses?

For homeowners interested in vinyl plank flooring, you might wonder if the materials come in different thicknesses. The quick answer is: yes, they do! You can find that the variety of thicknesses not only gives you more stability and functionality but can also be much more protective than thinner materials.

We?ll tell you a little bit more about that and what it can mean for your household, busy or not. You might find that this is the very best option for many areas, especially when perfectly matched to your requirements and preferences.

Thickness options in vinyl plank flooring

You can choose a variety of thicknesses in both the vinyl and the wear layer when you purchase these floor coverings. Higher quality comes from those products which offer thick layers in both of those areas.

If you have a hectic and active home life, the thicker the materials, the better. Flooring that offers 2mm thickness might be far more cost-effective, but it?s not likely to provide the best protection. However, an 8.5mm vinyl plank is likely to be extremely durable, especially over time.

The same is true for the wear layer. Usually ranging from 6MIL to 28MIL, the thicker, the better. The thinner end of the spectrum does a great job protecting against light wear, while the thicker versions can withstand daily wear, especially with pets and children, as well as dents that can occur when items are dropped.

The thickness of the vinyl layer is important for a variety of reasons. If you?re trying to match an existing floor covering, it?s crucial. But it can also be necessary to cover subfloor impairments and other issues.

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