Examining the Trend of Rustic Looking Hardwood Flooring

Examining the Trend of Rustic Looking Hardwood Flooring

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The old-age appeal of rustic hardwood is causing heads to turn in what may be one of the most important current trends in flooring today.

And while there is always a flavour of the week in the realm of home building and interior design, this is a movement that may not make an exit any time soon.

Here?s why this exciting craze is causing a commotion in home d?cor and why you should consider it for your next renovation project:

Elevated Surface

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One of the biggest additions rustic hardwood flooring can make to a room is texture. Even a smooth and shiny finish can give the impression of depth due to the visibility of wood graining and layers of earthy tones.

Texture is further emphasized when planks are cut at random lengths and widths instead of a uniform size, giving a handcrafted impression.

Distressed and hand-scraped hardwood also promotes this authentic appearance, making for a unique end product impossible to exactly replicate anywhere else.

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The Interesting Intricacies of Rustic Hardwood

The various tones of rustic hardwood make it much more interesting to look at than a uniform, solid-colour floor. One plank alone may have numerous shades of brown, grey or black.

This depth of colour gives even dark rustic hardwood the ability to brighten a room. Multiple tones allow it to pick up colours in other furnishings, such as a painting on the wall, lamp on the table or armchair in the corner.

Having dimension in one?s flooring will in turn bring an entire room to life, creating a cohesive and complete look.

Amazingly Adaptable

The versatility of rustic hardwood is one of the reasons this hot flooring trend is showing no signs of cooling down.

Its durability means it can be used in virtually any area of the house, including those that experience heavy footfall, such as foyers, hallways and kitchens.

But it?s the rustic finish that gives this product an impressive ability to shine in any space. It can be made to suit just about any type of d?cor, from the teenager?s gothic bedroom upstairs, to the baby?s pastel nursery across the hall, to mom?s professional office on the main level. Whether you have a loud, colourful personality that seems to spill onto your choice of wallpaper or you enjoy clean, straight lines, rustic hardwood can suit all manner of tastes.

And, because it will likely last longer than most d?cor trends, you won?t have to replace it when transforming your colonial-style living room into a beachy cottage getaway.

Back to the Future

Rustic hardwood is a trend likely to stick around because of one simple characteristic: timelessness.

Hardwood will never go out of style due to its natural, classic look and overall suitability as a versatile flooring option. It is so desirable due to its durability, longevity, ability to add value to a home and the high regard in which the average person holds it.

A rustic touch gives the product an even more timeless quality, as it can complement all decorative tastes. It?s a look that has already stood the test of time, leaving little doubt it will continue to do so. Trends come and go, but with an appeal that has survived the ages, this one is sure to last.

A Rustic Look for Years To Come

Because of rustic hardwood?s timelessness, it can have the power to create feelings of nostalgia in those who tread on it.

For one person, it could be a reminder of cooking in grandma?s kitchen. For another it might bring back childhood recollections of the family?s summer cabin.

And, due to its durable nature and long lifespan, it will be the backdrop for new memories for years to come.

By choosing rustic hardwood, one can preserve a piece of the past while laying down a foundation for the next generation.

Practically Speaking

Not only is rustic hardwood pleasing to the eye, but it is also a practical flooring choice for active households. While a uniform hardwood floor may require regular maintenance to keep up its smooth, flawless appearance, the rustic variety is a little more forgiving. Scratches, nicks and dents are better hidden by its textured and multi-toned characteristic. In fact, a little wear and tear could even add to the overall rustic look.

The less noticeable damage, dirt and dust are, the less time homeowners need to spend cleaning. This can also have a positive rollover effect on the wallet, as there will be less need to stock up on expensive cleaning solutions and equipment.

This major convenience factor is especially appreciated in rooms that experience a lot of traffic, not to mention homes with children and pets.

Consider A Rustic Looking Hardwood Floor for your home

Hardwood has proven over the ages to be a durable and valuable product with an impressive lifespan. Throw in a rustic finish and you have the recipe for an alluring design trend that still has people talking.

The look of authentic wood planking gives rooms an earthy, organic feel all the while complementing individual decorative tastes. Available in a variety of tones from warm honey to dark chocolate browns, this flooring option is a great one for active households looking for a break from constant sweeping and mopping. And, on top of it all, rustic hardwood has a timeless quality that won?t cause you to wince when looking back at pictures 20 years down the road.

With so much to offer, there?s little reason not to choose rustic hardwood beneath your feet.

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