Have Your Say: Do you shop on weekends?

Have Your Say: Do you shop on weekends?

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With weeks as busy as they get and the need for more time for yourself and your loved ones, having the freedom to do what you want in your free time is your choice. People are working harder than ever and our staff work pretty hard too. Frankly, we could all use a little more time to ourselves and with our families.

With this idea in mind, we at Diverse Flooring are debating closing on weekends for the summer and we thought the best people to ask are you, our valued customers and prospective customers.

Closing on Family Day Sunday

As some of you know, we announced on our Facebook page and other social media profiles that we will be closing on Sundays to observe Family Day Sunday. Life is short, time is limited and Sundays are best spent with your loved ones. Furthermore, we wanted to give our staff that extra day off in their respective schedules.

We at Diverse feel increasingly strong about that and we?ve had clients tell us that they were glad we closed on Sundays in the past for that reason.

Last Fall, we opened up on Sundays due to high demand. June 5, 2016 was our first Sunday closed since then.

What We?re Considering Now

Now that we?re entering another summer season, we?re floating the idea out there about closing on weekends entirely while still being available by appointments on the weekends. We would also have extended hours during the week.

What we?d like to know from you is your input on shopping hours.

  • Would you prefer we be open weekends or later on weekdays?
  • Do you shop at stores like Diverse Flooring and other home improvement-related stores on weekends?
  • How would you feel if there was an incentive or special offer applicable for the 5-7 pm hours during the week? Would that entice you to come during those hours?
Leave a comment below as your response.

From all of us at Diverse Flooring, thank you for your feedback!