How to Clean Your New Laminate Floors

How to Clean Your New Laminate Floors

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The thought of cleaning already has negative connotations for most people, which is why it?s important to make your laminate floor upkeep as simple and effective as possible. A positive cleaning experience will not only be beneficial for your beautiful new flooring, but will make the job feel less like a chore and more of a labour of love.

Due to the composition and construction of the product as well as its extremely hard aluminum oxide wear layer, laminate flooring is durable and long-lasting. But even though it is one of the easiest types of flooring to maintain on the market, like any floor covering, it still needs regular maintenance to stay looking like how it was the first day you installed it.

Armed with knowledge of all the dos and don?ts, your floor is sure to shine. By considering these 4 tips to laminate cleaning, you?re already halfway there:

1. A Chemical Solution To Clean Laminate Flooring?

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When it comes to laminate cleaners, there is a large selection to choose from, whether they come directly from a floor manufacturer or are found stocked on store shelves. To stay on the safe side, we recommend you wash your laminate flooring using the manufacturer?s recommended floor cleaner. Do not use soap or detergent products or vinegar and water as they will leave a dulling film, or worse ruin your floor.

If you must purchase an alternative product off the shelves, option for a trusted brand such as Bona cleaning products. Also, choose a product that suits your needs by taking into account the following:

  • How often you clean your floors,
  • How dirty they become between cleanings and,
  • What type of mess you tend to clean up.
Laminate near a home?s entryways and in paths of heavy foot traffic may accumulate a lot of dirt and grime from outside. A bedroom, on the other hand, may only ever see dust or pet fur.

Once you?ve chosen your cleaner, only use the recommended amount, which is usually just a little at a time. Applying too much can lead to leftover residue, which may leave behind streaks.

Again, we recommend you use the cleaner that the manufacturer suggests using.

2. Use A Vacuum On Laminate

Using a vacuum is a great way to clean an entire laminate surface. Even more conveniently, it can tackle those hard-to-reach areas such as underneath and between furniture and appliances. The bathroom and kitchen can be particularly cumbersome when it comes to navigating around large items, which is why a vacuum?s suction power can be invaluable.

For the best results, ensure to have the proper vacuum accessory, whether it is a powerhead designed for solid surfaces or a soft-bristled hose attachment. Try not to use attachments with metal surfaces as these strategies could cause scratches and scuffs.

3. Proceed With Caution

While there are countless cleaning tools on the market ? and likely in your closet ? not all of them are conducive to a clean laminate floor.

For example, try to avoid the standard bristled broom, as its sweeping motion may lead to particles being dispersed instead of contained and collected. Having dust swept into the air and landing on other surfaces is counterproductive to your cleaning goals. Also, depending on the colour and pattern of your laminate, dirt and dust can be hard to see, which means you may not be aware of everything that gets left behind. Dark coloured and wood-grained laminate can make it especially difficult to recognize a properly cleaned surface.

If using a broom, ensure that it is reserved for indoor use only, the use of a broom that is used both inside and out could result in damage to your floor, from various contaminants such as small grains of sand etc.

While homeowners are generally urged to avoid waxes and polishes, there are some products on the market specific to laminate flooring. Carefully consider products individually by looking into reviews and consumer reports before applying anything to your floor.

Also, laminate floors can be slippery when wet. Always use caution when walking on a wet floor.

4. Touch Up Kits For Laminate Floors

Crayon marks or smudged lipstick can be wiped away, but on occasion you may be faced with a scratch or dent on your new laminate flooring that cleaner won?t erase. Fortunately, most major laminate flooring manufacturers offer a ?touch up? kit that may include acrylic or latex putty and wax pencils or crayons.

Surprised by how much there is to take into account when cleaning and protecting your laminate? The numerous options make it easy to find a strategy for almost every situation and need.

Choosing the best tools and strategies will help increase the longevity of your flooring and, in turn, protect your investment. A well maintained floor is one that will not require replacement as soon, and will make the rest of your living space feel just as fresh and clean.

Disclaimer: Diverse Flooring provides the information contained herein to its customers as an information source only. Always follow manufacturer?s recommendations when cleaning and caring for your new laminate floors.