How to Decide on the Best Carpet for Your Bedroom

How to Decide on the Best Carpet for Your Bedroom

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One of the best ways to improve the look of a bedroom is to install a new carpet. Upgrading your flooring gives the entire room a facelift and increases its value and aesthetic appeal.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It?s important that the feel and softness underfoot is right for you.

The right carpet will absorb sound and insulate your home, giving it a cozy ambiance. It will also keep your feet warm in the winter and will feel cool in the summer.

However, not all carpets are made equal. There are distinct levels of quality and durability that depend on the density of the carpet?s tufts and many other factors like stain resistance.

In this blog post, we?ll go over the factors you need to consider to determine what the best carpet is for your bedroom.

What material should you choose?

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You generally have a choice between cut pile carpets, loop pile carpets or cut and loop pile carpets known as LCL?S. All of these styles give your floor either a smooth, shaggy or patterned look.

Cut piles are smoother and show fewer footprints and are ideal for bedrooms. Loop pile carpets usually have patterned designs and are recommended for main areas of the house like a formal living room or family room. LCL?S can be used in just about any room in your home, and because they are generally have a lower pile height they can offer great durability.

A great fiber for carpeting is nylon, but advancements have been made in polyester fibers, which makes it an affordable competitor. Also, a new material called Triexta is extremely stain-resistant and resilient, making it an excellent carpet fiber.

You should avoid polypropylene at all costs. Though it is priced right, it is the least durable of all the available carpet materials. In the long run, polypropylene?s low quality will cost you more money by losing its quality quickly, making it necessary for another new carpet installation.

What style of carpet should you choose?

First, consider the room?s needs. Will it have high traffic or be prone to messes? The best carpets for bedrooms are typically based on two sets of criteria:

  • The occupant?s stage of life and habits
  • The quality and look desired

A Child?s Bedroom

woman and child sitting on carpet in child's bedroom

A child?s bedroom will need a carpet that is more stain resistant and durable. A good choice would be nylon, polyester or Triexta. It would be wise to avoid lighter colors in a child?s room so that stains that may come from spilled drinks, artwork mishaps, and other messes can be deftly concealed.

Another tip is that multicolor carpets are great for concealing stains over solid color carpets. If you have a child prone to sneaking grape juice into his room, looking into this kind of design would be wise. When the above is a consideration for your purchase, consider carpets known as Tonals. These have multi-toned or coloured carpet tuff?s.

We also advise you to not go over the top with expenses for a child?s room. Why? Because the carpet will most likely need to be replaced as he or she matures into teenage or college years.

Triexta is an excellent choice because it is good at resisting stains and responds well to cleaning. It is durable and there are many price points offered to suit your budget.

With regular cleaning, these materials will likely last for many years, depending on your child?s level of tidiness.

Master Suites and Adult Bedrooms

On the other hand, a master suite or adult bedroom can use any material or pattern. There is great freedom to select intricate patterns or solid colors.

Bedrooms not prone to stains can confidently have light colored carpets and solid colors without fear of stains. The key is if you are sure that children and pets won?t make messes in this bedroom, you can select any type of carpet you want.

We do recommend higher quality materials like Nylon or Triexta for a carpet that will last and retain its plushness for many years. Feel free to splurge on luxury here because the carpet in a low-traffic room will last longer and will experience less trauma.

Vendors We Recommend

We highly recommend the vendors Mohawk and Dream Weaver. Both brands offer high-quality carpets that stand the test of time and improve your home?s look. For bedrooms, the softness, durability, and versatile options they offer are unmatched.

Both vendors also offer products with competitive stain resistance. This is excellent for high traffic rooms and families with small children and pets.

Mohawk Carpets

Mohawk prides itself on being an innovator of the ?softest, most family-friendly and pet-friendly carpets ever.?

They have designed their flooring specifically for families with a busy lifestyle, making durable carpets that can resist the messes of daily life. Mohawk has carpets for any type of bedroom and budget.

For a child?s bedroom, they have carpets with fiber-washed, Scotchgard?-protected polyester that resists common stains that occur during playtime.

They also have carpets made with Triexta which is just as good with stains but is even more durable than polyester. In fact, Triexta fibers are so stain resistant that they can also be used in dining rooms and areas of high traffic like family rooms.

We also became a Mohawk ColorCentre in early 2016 and we?re proud of it.

mohawk colorcenter logo

Dream Weaver Carpets

Dream Weaver is another vendor that produces family-friendly carpets. All their products feature PureColor? solution-dyed nylon or polyester fiber.

According to Dream Weaver, their PureColor? polyester is ?one of the most innovative and sought after fiber systems on the market today.?

For a child?s bedroom, you can?t go wrong with their stain and fade resistant carpets. They have a wide variety of designs to choose from that are made to last.

Get Expert Help.

Once you start exploring your options, the amount of carpets available can become daunting and overwhelming.

You don?t have to go through this decision process alone. My brother Todd and I have been in business together for over 10 years and know what carpets our clients have been thrilled with. We are your friendly neighborhood flooring store with the experience and expertise to guide you toward the best carpet for your bedroom at the right price.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. Let our experience work for you and guide you to the best choice for your home and budget.