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Is carpet pile critical to my choice?

Carpet flooring pile is an integral part of your flooring choice, regardless of your needs. Therefore, it can affect your results, especially if you have specific requirements.

It would be best if you learned more about what this term means when floor shopping. And we look forward to helping you create the best surface for your home.

What is a carpet pile?

In its simplest terms, carpet pile means the fiber of the flooring. It's further defined when combined with words like density, height, and face-weight.

Together, these terms give you a clear understanding of carpet flooring quality and lifespan options. And it's a great way to choose the best flooring for your needs and lifestyle.

Further information about carpet pile

You'll hear about the low, medium, and high pile carpeting, and each one speaks to the softness of each. For example, a high pile, also known as a long pile, is soft, plush, and comfortable underfoot.

Low pile options aren't as plush but easier to clean because they are shorter and denser. These options are best for high-traffic areas and commercial settings.

You'll also hear about the flooring cut, which creates the materials' look, feel, and carpet installation lifespan. These can include loop pile and cut pile, and the two can be combined in a single floor covering.

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