Is luxury vinyl plank flooring an affordable choice?

Is luxury vinyl plank flooring an affordable choice?

In the luxury vinyl flooring line, you?ll find extensive diversity in visuals, durability, and lifespan opportunities which can affect the bottom line drastically. Of course, you?ll pay more for high-quality options, but what do we compare it to?

When looking at the affordability of vinyl plank flooring, it's a good idea to explore what they offer based on your requirements. Here are some facts to consider as you think through your options.

Wood and stone looks

If you love the appearance of wood and stone products, you?ll find an excellent alternative in this product line. LVP flooring offers realistic natural visuals that look so much like the real thing your guests may never know the difference.

You'll experience extensive savings because luxury vinyl flooring is only a fraction of the cost of natural wood or stone, and the maintenance requirements aren't nearly as pricey. So, you'll save plenty of money and get the same great visuals.

Installation costs

Vinyl plank flooring offers a quick and easy installation, with floors you can walk on the same day they're installed. This installation contrasts the days or weeks of installation necessary for natural wood and stone.

Luxury vinyl flooring offers a click-and-lock system that provides the fastest possible installation. Speak with a flooring specialist while you're here to discuss other money-saving options.

Choosing the best floors

Diverse Flooring has years of experience in industry standards and helping customers find the best products for their budget. The value and peace of mind we offer allow you to be confident in your flooring choices and include a best-price guarantee.

If you?re ready to find the perfect luxury vinyl plank flooring for your home or business, we're here to ensure you do. Our service areas include Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Walnut Grove, and Langley North, so be sure to visit our showroom in Maple Ridge, BC, whenever you're in the area.