Vinyl plank flooring in a Maple Ridge, BC home

Laminate flooring versus vinyl plank flooring ? What?s the difference?

Often, we?re asked about the difference between laminate flooring and vinyl flooring. Is there one that?s better than the other? More affordable, comfortable or longer-lasting? Simply put, these two vastly differing materials ? while both being excellent options for home renovations ? have their own unique set of features. Some characteristics are quite similar, others couldn?t be more different. Nonetheless, we?re going to attempt to clarify the key features of each surfacing alternative in the hopes of helping you narrow down which one would better suit your makeover project.

Structural differences

Firstly, let?s go over the actual structural differences between these two types of installations.

Vinyl flooring:

  • 100% plastic
  • Superior moisture resistance
  • Excellent for use in water-prone areas
Laminate flooring:

  • 99% wood product
  • Natural-looking wood appearance
  • Thick planks offer comfort and warmth
  • Increases resale value

Differences in appearance

Laminate ? What?s most appreciated about laminate is its accurate lookalike appearance. Manufactured in various designs, 3-D embossing allows for realistic surface imprints, such as stone, ceramic or hardwood.

Vinyl ?
Offering a truly authentic looking wood design, plank flooring provides a thick, solid installation with deeply embossed realistic designs.?

Differences in cleaning and upkeep

Laminate ?
Normally, a dry method of cleaning is recommended, such as a broom or a dry microfiber mop. However, if the planks do need a deeper clean, it?s best to use a slightly damp mop only ? one that?s almost dry to the touch.

Vinyl ?
Undoubtedly, its ease of cleaning and minimal maintenance requirements is one of luxury vinyl?s strongest features. A high-quality surfacing that has been installed properly can safely be wet-mopped. If need be, you can also scrub the surface of the floors carefully, as long as the brush has soft bristles and the cleaner is an approved product.

Differences in maintenance and durability

Laminate ? Though ultra-durable and hard-wearing with a very resistant top layer, improper cleaning with too much water can pose a danger to the installation, resulting in delamination over time. ?

Vinyl ? For a reliable, durable, long-lasting installation, choose luxury vinyl planks of high-quality. Self-stick options can eventually loosen, if inadequately installed. Nonetheless, with the proper care and maintenance, vinyl?s tough exterior will easily stand up to the demands of high foot traffic.

Is there a laminate floor store that?s also a vinyl floor store?

At Diverse Flooring, our name says it all ? we offer a vast assortment of high-quality surfacing materials that are ideal for any type of renovation project. Our Maple Ridge, B.C. showroom services the Pitt Meadows, Walnut Grove/Langley North, Tri-Cities Area, as well as the Maple Ridge region. Visit our showroom today to view our cost-effective options in the latest designs and to speak to our friendly, experienced on-site professionals about your upcoming redesign.