Luxury vinyl plank flooring: Three cleaning FAQs

Luxury vinyl plank flooring: Three cleaning FAQs

Professional installation is always the best way to protect the investment when you choose luxury vinyl flooring for even a single room in your home. Cleaning is also vital, so here are three frequently asked questions and their answers to give you more information.

  1. What does daily cleaning look like for luxury vinyl? Every day, especially in busy homes, it's best to start with a broom to sweep up loose sediment and debris. Follow with a damp mop, with a mild detergent or commercial cleaner added, if necessary.
  2. Is waxing necessary to maintain the shine? LVT and LVP flooring never require waxing, as the gorgeous visual appeal is built into the visual and top layers. Instead, regular sweeping and mopping help ensure the visual is never muted or marred, maintaining the beauty for up to 20 years.
  3. Can I steam-clean luxury vinyl plank flooring? We do not recommend steam cleaning, nor do most luxury vinyl flooring manufacturers, whose warranties are often voided through steam cleaning. While the materials protect against water damage, they aren?t created to stand up against the kind of heat and pressure that steam cleaners make, so always avoid the machine for vinyl plank flooring products.

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