Wood-look flooring | Maple Ridge, BC, Canda

My budget won?t allow for wood floors. What?s an alternative?

The answer is vinyl plank. That?s one of the most common questions we hear in our flooring store, and this product will give you an amazingly realistic look of wood--but without the same price tag.

Vinyl plank is a terrific alternative. Talk to your flooring retailer about it. It's very easy to maintain, simple to install and, most of all, so stylish that we see it in every room in the house.

What this is:

It?s an incredibly realistic mimic of wood floors. First, the vinyl is cut into strips. Thanks to digital photography, the species images are clear, concise and accurate; you will see every knot, raised grain and swirl.

It?s then glued to a board, giving the appearance of planks, seams and all. For added depth and dimension, include an embossing feature. It will give a textured appearance: wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered or distressed. Add a matte or gloss finish and your floors will look the same out of a design page.

Then it is layered, with the top being a clear, ultra-tough wear sheet. It protects the flooring from scratches and scuffs, making it almost impossible to "walk-off" the image.

Taking care of vinyl floors:

Sweep or vacuum (please remove beater bars as they can scratch) several times a week. It's also recommended to place doormats near entrances to keep the dirt out. Soil acts like sandpaper and eventually can wear the surface.

For more thorough cleaning, dampen your mop with water and a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Avoid those waxy, shine promoting cleaners as they can leave films and even change the color a bit.

You can place furniture on this flooring with no worry. The material is durable; however, if moving the furniture, it is suggested, as in any flooring, to use felt furniture pads. Generally, the heavier the furniture, the wider the pad should be. Don?t use rubber, as they stain. Rolling casters scratch.
If the piece to be moved is very heavy, such as an appliance, consider using a plywood sheet underneath the item and then dragging it?this way will make things much easier!

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