SmartStrand Carpets vs SmartStrand Silk Carpets: A Revealing Comparison

SmartStrand Carpets vs SmartStrand Silk Carpets: A Revealing Comparison

In 2005, Mohawk Flooring revolutionized the carpet fiber industry with the introduction of SmartStrand technology (Read our earlier post on the beauty and strength of Mohawk's SmartStrand carpets). This amazing innovation came as a result of 2 visionary companies each with over 100 years of experience entering an exciting partnership.

A Brief History of Carpet Innovation

Mohawk Flooring, an industry leader in flooring, has consistently been making record levels of investments to drive innovation in all product categories. DuPont, a company established in 1802, has been putting science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere.

Together, this match made in heaven, created SmartStrand where Mohawk used the new polymer technology provided by DuPont.

SmartStrand, for the first time in 2005, offered the durability of high performance fibers with stain resistance that was engineered into the fiber. It meant that no matter how many times the carpet is cleaned, the built-in stain resistance properties would not wash off.

That was 2005. Now, in 2016, the CEO and Chairman of Mohawk Flooring, Mr. Jeff Lorberbaum, received an EY Lifetime Achievement award making him the first flooring industry leader to receive this prestigious award in the Southeast US region.

Mohawk also received The Best Overall Manufacturer award sponsored by FCNews and Informa Exhibitions. During the same award ceremony, Mohawk also won the Best Carpet Manufacturer and Best Hardwood Manufacturer awards. This is no surprise given the company?s passion of making what is already good ? even better.

Product Innovation Timeline

As proud retailers of the Mohawk brand, let us walk you through the timeline of the most exciting product innovations within the SmartStrand brand since introduced in 2005.

smartstrand timeline

SmartStrand ? Launched in 2005

When Mohawk set forth to revolutionize the fiber industry, it was looking to excel in the performance categories that mattered most to the customers.

Using triexta, in 2005, SmartStrand was introduced which combined the durability of high-performance fibers with stain resistance engineered into the fiber. This meant that even tough stains like mustard and red wine would be removed simply with warm water and mild detergent.

SmartStrand ? First Bio-based Product

Despite pioneering an innovation, unlike anything the industry had seen in over 50 years, progress continued. With a culture of sustainable development engrained in the corporate values of both Mohawk and DuPont, they continued to evolve the SmartStrand brand.

In 2007, they created the first bio-based product. Triexta was made with 37 percent renewable materials and Mohawk claims that manufacturing this carpet required 30% less energy and environmental emissions compared to Nylon.

SmartStrand Silk ? Launched in 2011

While SmartStrand started winning the popularity votes for durability and stain resistance, the researchers at Mohawk did not begin to rest. They started experimenting to create a higher level of comfort by making a softer carpet. The result ? Mohawk launched SmartStrand Silk in 2012. This new product combined over 700 silk-like fibers into just one strand of yarn. In a blind test, consumers preferred Silk's softness 5 to 1 over the competing premium soft nylon carpets.

With SmartStrand Silk, the company offered unmatched durability and stain resistance along with silk like comfort under the feet.

SmartStrand Forever Clean ? Launched in 2014

The latest development with the SmartStrand brand was the addition of Nanoloc spill and soil shield technology in 2014. This new technology repels dirt, dander, spills and stains before they even reach the fiber. The new product category was named SmartStrand Forever Clean and these have proven to be extraordinarily easy to clean.

Why SmartStrand?

Mohawk's investments in innovation are driven by a passion to create value for its customers. Before the introduction of SmartStrand, the choice of carpets included Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, Soft Nylon and Wool.

Research showed that stain resistance and durability were the two most important performance categories that mattered to homeowners. The most popular choice of carpets were Nylon and Soft Nylon for extra comfort.

With SmartStrand, you can get it all ? unbeatable spill protection, permanent stain resistance, long-lasting durability, and so much more.

  • 0% moisture absorption to eliminate pet odors in the carpet fiber
  • Nanoloc spill and soil shield for quick and easy cleanup
  • 3X easier to clean dirt, hair, and pet dander
  • Lifetime, built-in stain protection
Clearly, SmartStrand carpets are the most stain resistant carpets available in the market. They are also one of the most environmentally friendly choice of carpets in the market.

What's Next?

A large number of homeowners across North America are increasing the warmth of their homes with SmartStrand carpets.

Diverse Flooring became a Mohawk ColorCentre this year. This allows us to present you with better choices at the best prices.

Diverse Flooring aligns with major brand name manufacturers, so that we are able to offer peace of mind to our clients. Not only are these partners leaders in environmentally-conscious manufacturing, they have quality products and are innovators in style and design. We are partnered with companies that back their products.

Pay us a visit and let's explore some awesome options for your home.

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