The Carpets That Resist Stains The Best

The Carpets That Resist Stains The Best

When life gets busy, you can expect messes to come with it. Inevitably, someone is going to walk into your house with muddy shoes on or accidentally spill a drink in a lapse of judgment. Instead of stressing out over whether these stains will come out, why not take charge of your home and invest in some good stain-resistant carpets?

After all, when you set your home up with high-quality carpets that can resist the messes of life, you can breathe easy when the unexpected happens. With great carpets that say ?no? to stains, you won?t even bat an eye the next time you spill some coffee in the living room.

In this blog post, we'll detail the best brands and materials for resisting floor stains throughout your home.

Which brands are the best?

The two main brands that we recommend are big players in the carpet world: Mohawk Flooring and Dream Weaver. They are very popular choices for homeowners who want long-lasting carpets because they have a solid reputation for durability and quality. We also rate their value highly over other brands in terms of resilience, stain resistance, and overall value.

Both Dream Weaver and Mohawk carpets are made with only the finest craftsmanship and the best materials. Also, both companies are constantly innovating to find even better materials that last longer and resist stains more efficiently. It?s a good sign when a company never ceases its quest for perfection even after achieving success.

Which materials are the best for fighting stains?

When it comes to choosing the best carpet for resisting stains, there are options to suit every budget. Overall, triexta is far more stain-resistant than nylon. Polyester is also not a bad option though it is not as stain-resistant or resilient as the former. If you are on a budget, polyester will do the job.

However, if we are talking about the best fiber for stains, we have to recommend Mohawk?s SmartStrand fibers, which are up to three times more effective at resisting stains compared to any other carpet in the world. Smartstrand carpets will resist stains and clean easier because the stain does not get into the fiber. It simply sits on top of the fiber.

What materials should I avoid?

We can never repeat this enough: If you are going for a carpet that will resist stains and will give you long lasting quality, please stay away from polypropylene. Carpets of this material are surely affordable and have their place, but if your goal is to invest in your home and to install quality flooring that will stand the test of time, polypropylene isn?t the fiber for you.

Ultimately, if you choose a cheaper material that can?t resist stains and loses its color and form quickly, you will end up losing your investment quickly.

On the other hand, a good carpet, when maintained properly and made of quality materials, can resist stains and look great for many years.

Mohawk SmartStrand Carpets

Now an example of a good carpet is anything from Mohawk. Right now this brand has some great options for families who want a tough but luxurious carpet that won?t let the craziness of life wear it down. You can?t go wrong with any of their nylon carpets. However, as stated before, their SmartStrand fibers are simply the best possible protection you can get against stains.

SmartStrand carpets are special because each of their fibers is coated with Nanoloc, which is a network of ultra-fine nanoparticles. Because Nanoloc shields each fiber of these carpets from dirt, dander, bacteria, and spills, they are the easiest carpet in the world to clean.

Another amazing thing about SmartStrand carpets is that their stain protection is permanent and won?t wash off. The fiber has 0% moisture absorption which actually pushes spills away to protect your carpet?s vibrancy and character.

Dream Weaver Carpets

Dream Weaver Carpets also have a lot to offer in terms of stain protection. Their PureColor brand fiber can resist tough stains from ketchup, red wine, coffee, grape juice and chocolate. The fibers in these carpets also have a soil and stain shield that help protect them against dirt and other messes.

Dream Weaver currently prides itself on matching quality with ?unprecedented value? compared to other brands, which means families with different budgets can each find the right carpet at an appropriate price point.

Experts are only a phone call away.

If you have any questions about which brand and fiber type is right for you, please leave a comment below. We will respond as soon as possible. We love helping people find the best carpet for their home and will definitely find you the best solution for your budget and personal lifestyle.

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