Carpet flooring in a Maple Ridge home entryway

What to know about carpet fibers

Since fibers are the most important thing about carpet flooring, we think you should know a bit about them as you begin your floor shopping experience. While you don?t have to be an expert on the subject, it certainly helps to at least know the most important things about them.

Fibers make up the softness, many of the attached benefits, and are responsible for the level of durability that comes with it. Specific characteristics will fit your requirements better than others, and you?re going to want to know what they are.

Carpet fibers matter

Every home is different and has different flooring requirements. When the flooring of choice is carpet, the fibers make a big difference in the experience you?ll have overall.

Two fibers that are very important for active households and those with pets or children are nylon and polyester. Nylon makes up the highest percentage of carpeting and is highly sought after for its exceptional durability, including stain resistance, crush resistance, and longevity.

Polyester is much like nylon but is better suited for homes that aren?t quite as busy. It does resist staining and wears well, but not as much as nylon.

Wool is the only all-natural fiber, and as such, it offers stunning beauty, excellent color, and has a natural resistance to stains. It is a green flooring option that is biodegradable for the eco-friendly homeowner.

Olefin is one of the only fibers to offer resistance to moisture, as well as excellent stain protection. Since the color is made into the olefin fiber itself, it cannot become faded, not even with the use of bleach, or in intense direct sunlight.

For more fiber information for the perfect flooring fit, be sure to visit us when you?re in the area.

We?ll make sure you get the perfect carpet

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