Why We?re A Mohawk ColourCentre

Why We?re A Mohawk ColourCentre

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Earlier this year, Diverse Flooring officially became a Mohawk Flooring ColourCentre. So you?re probably asking yourself: ?What does that mean and what?s in it for me??

In this blog post, we?ll tell you what it means and how you can benefit from this awesome piece of news.

Who Is Mohawk Flooring?

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Mohawk Flooring has been around for over a century, literally. They rolled out their first carpets in 1878 and haven?t stopped since. They are a leading carpet provider in North America and we are proud to offer their carpets to you, the customer.

Mohawk?s premier line of carpets is the SmartStrand. They?re amazingly stain-resistant and remarkably soft. The stain and soil resistance is actually built right into the fibres of SmartStrand carpets.

They assemble all of their carpets in North America and take pride in this fact.

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Who Becomes ColourCentres?

Mohawk Industries established the ColourCentre program in 1974 to help flooring retailers become more educated in the Mohawk products they sold. Only the best in flooring stores become Mohawk ColourCentres.

What do ColourCentres get that other flooring stores don?t?

The ColourCentre program allows Diverse Flooring to offer better products, provide more in-depth information about Mohawk products and give a wider selection of choices.

Mohawk ColourCentres like Diverse can get premium pricing on particular Mohawk floor products that other retailers can?t. That?s a clear advantage for you, the customer.

More About SmartStrand Carpets

Mohawk?s SmartStrand carpets are a big reason of why we at Diverse trust a brand like Mohawk. These carpets are some of the most durable carpets we?ve seen in our decades in the flooring industry.

SmartStrand carpets have built-in stain and soil protection with the Nanoloc shield. Another feature is the 0% moisture absorption. This means you won?t have to bring out a deep rug cleaner again and best of all, you won?t risk the chance of awful odours lurking in the atmosphere of your home.

So the resounding durability of SmartStrand carpets from Mohawk play a big role in why we trust Mohawk and in turn, they?ve made us a Mohawk ColourCentre.

Learn more about Mohawk Flooring at Diverse Flooring here. Come visit our showroom today to browse our unique Mohawk section.

Right now, we?ve got a phenomenal offer for you: If you buy at least 250 square feet of carpet from us, we?ll provide free basic installation of your carpets.