Does Carpet Help or Hinder Your Allergies?

Does Carpet Help or Hinder Your Allergies?

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There are many aspects of carpet that require no debate: The soft feel underfoot, the hassle-free installation experience, and the variety of patterns and designs all come to mind.

The ongoing debate of whether carpet is good or bad for your allergies is still ongoing amongst some experts. This is an age-old question and depending on who you ask, you might find conflicting answers. Here?s where we stand:

Where Carpet gets its Bad Rap

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Carpet, has over the years developed a confusing reputation. Some argue that those with asthma and allergies should avoid carpet like the plague because dust, pollen, pet dander can get caught in carpet fibers and therefore trigger asthma symptoms like wheezing and coughing as well as allergy reactions like rashes and a stuffy nose.

Mold in the carpet is another culprit when allergy symptoms to act up. Fungus can grow on carpets which are in cold and damp places like the basement, or somewhere where a leak or spill has gone undetected. Sometimes the mold isn?t even visible to the naked eye and mold spores can become airborne and cause allergy reactions in people who have mold allergies.

Let?s Clear the Air

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), the fact that allergens get caught in carpets is a GOOD thing! It actually improves indoor air quality because it removes allergens from the breathing zone and reduces their air circulation. In order to completely remove these harmful particles all you need to do is keep your carpet clean and sanitary (which goes without saying!)

To keep your carpet in tip-top shape and to keep allergens out, CRI recommends the following tips:

  • Vacuum regularly. For high traffic areas, or areas where pets frequently roam, you should vacuum once a day, followed by twice a week for medium traffic areas and once a week for light-traffic carpets.
  • Limit dirt: You should be meticulous about keeping outside dirt outside. Ensure that anyone who enters the house remove their shoes before entering. Keep a durable entrance mat by every door and kindly ask that anyone entering the house take a few extra seconds to wipe their feet on the mat.
  • Deep clean your carpets: Hot water extraction removed deeply embedded dirt from your carpet that you won?t be able to reach with your regular vacuum. This should be done annually by a professional.

Should we buy less carpet or more carpet?

As experts in the flooring industry, our answer to this question is a big YES to more carpet, because there are SO many benefits to having carpet in your home! It?s a traditional choice that works in almost any room.

For the elderly and for little ones, it?s safe because it reduces slips and softens falls. It compliments a home?s acoustics by absorbing noise so that it?s not heard in other rooms of the house.

Carpet can even conserve energy and reduce your heat bill because it provides thermal resistance or (R-Value), so when it?s cold, it helps the house keep heat in!

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